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The Rural & Agriculture Council of America (RACA), headquartered in Billings, Montana in conjunction with Washington, DC representation, is a consortium of mayors, county commissioners, ranchers, farmers, producers, main street business owners, and leaders in rural America. Working as collective group, RACA is the voice of rural America in Washington, advocating for federal, state, and local policy and regulatory reform to advance the rural and agricultural goals and initiatives of America. The policy and regulatory reform objectives of RACA are dictated by our stakeholders and reflect the discussions being held by policy makers on the Hill. 

RACA specializes in targeted, well-researched grassroots campaigns to increase awareness about the policy and regulatory objectives of rural America by employing an arsenal of targeted social media campaigns, meetings with policy and decision makers, press conferences, editorials, industry roundtables, briefings by industry experts or our council, fly-ins, and keeping stakeholders informed via press releases.

In the past, RACA has lent our expertise to an extensive array of rural policy and regulatory issues including, the Farm Bill, tax reform/policy, broadband expansion, EPA, and regulations. RACA has been, and will continue to be, a pioneer in representing the policy and regulatory objectives of rural America, we strive to take the dialogue of main street, rural America, to policy and decision makers in Washington, DC.


  • RACA seeks to educate and inform our members, the general public, and government officials at the federal, state and local levels of the particular issues facing rural and agricultural America, including ranchers, farmers, and agriculture producers.  

  • RACA advocates for policy and regulatory reform before federal, state and local government officials and agencies on behalf of ranchers, farmers and agriculture producers on issues facing rural and agricultural America. 


  • RACA serves as a forum for communication within the agricultural community by engaging with ranchers, farmers, agriculture producers, policy makers and leaders within agriculture to gather input into policy and regulatory objectives of rural and agricultural America.


  • RACA conducts educational and scientific research, drafts position papers and provides testimony on issues and topics pertinent to the goals, initiatives and issues facing rural and agricultural America, including ranchers, farmers and agriculture producers.


  • RACA develops and publishes educational, agriculture and legislation/regulation related press releases and newsletters to educate and inform farmers, ranchers, agriculture producers, policy makers, lawmakers, regulators and the general public on issues and topics relevant and important to rural and agricultural America. 


  • RACA hosts conferences and forums intended to educate RACA members and the general public regarding subjects of interest to rural and agricultural America and on topics and issues critical to the preservation of rural and agricultural America.  

Policy Objectives


 RACA connects with farmers, ranchers, county commissioners, mayors and business owners in Rural America every day. These individuals help guide RACA's policy and priorities. Rural and agriculture leaders from each respective state listed is engaged on policy initiatives and current issues affecting their region and communities.  Chapter members have the opportunity to engage on issues, ranging from voicing facts and issues in op-eds and press statements to traveling to Washington, D.C. to advocate for change.  Interested in taking part? Contact RACA to learn more

Student Resources


RACA is proud to offer support to student leaders for travel and registration fees associated with attending professional conferences. We understand that financial restraints often limit the ability of students to pursue opportunities to gain valuable industry insights and network with industry professionals. RACA seeks to bridge that gap and foster students who are deeply committed to the issues most directly affecting rural & agricultural communities.


Our scholarships have allowed students to attend professional rural & agricultural conferences in various places across the country, from Montana to Washington, D.C.

To learn more, please email or call (202) 546-5064.  

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