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RACA Interviews FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr


Jess Peterson interviews FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr to discuss the USTelecom pilot program results and the importance of updating the FCC’s broadband mapping rules.

Mr. Peterson and Commissioner Carr also cover: 

  • The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund that takes effect in 2020

  • USTelecom’s Broadband Mapping Initiative and report on the pilot program findings

  • Why GPS technology isn’t sufficient for locating unserved structures

  • 5G network evolution in rural areas


Click below to play the interview! 

Commissioner Brendan Carr and Jess Peterson Talk Rural Broadband Mapping
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Commissioner Brendan Carr (foreground) and Jess Peterson ride the ranch in southeastern Montana. 

Doris Mold, Past President, American Agri-Women :

"Now is the time, now is the hour." 


Jeffery Smith of Louisiana: 

"It's a requirement to be able to connect via wireless." 

Natalina Sents, Reporter, Success Farming

"Most of our farmer and rancher readers have difficulty reading the content I produce." 

Zach Ducheneaux, Intertribal Ag Council:

"Access to broadband is critical to our communities." 

Jack Alexander works for Synergy Resource Solutions, Inc. and is past president of ARC.

"While the romantic image is the cowboy on the horse roping, the reality is a cowboy on a horse with a cell phone, a computer, a smart phone looking at and watching streaming information from the markets and accessing the agricultural data in real time to make real decisions."

Boe Lopez is a rancher from Springer, New Mexico.

"Our office is mobile. It's out in the pasture, it's in the corral, it's on horseback. Wherever we're at, we're pretty much always on the mobile phone, if we have service."

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