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Radio and television broadcasters and rural newspapers provide local news, emergency alerts, educational programming and, for less populated rural communities, turning to local media has become an even more important way to stay connected. In many rural areas, broadcast stations are the predominant or only form of local information.

This fact is only increased by the lack of adequate rural broadband, making it even more important that local media can continue to provide their services during the COVID-19 pandemic so that all Americans are able to stay up to date with the latest news and information in their communities.

When the first shelter-in-place orders were enacted, local media outlets, large and small, saw an immediate cancellation and downturn in advertising revenue, which has continued at a rapid decline during the last two months.

We urge Congress to prioritize existing federal agency advertising funds to be spent with local broadcasters and news publishers, and appropriate additional federal advertising funding in future stimulus or appropriations bills that are distributed across local media sectors and equitably allocated across large, medium and small communities.

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Dial the Capitol switchboard at (202) 221-3121.

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