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Connecting Rural America to
Reliable and Affordable Broadband

"To make lasting and meaningful progress on closing the digital divide, we recommend that policymakers:"





Modernize our broadband maps and data collection by supporting the FCC’s ongoing efforts to develop
location-by-location, address-level broadband maps that incorporate both provider coverage data and
crowdsourced data to capture truly unserved areas—particularly, those that do not meet the FCC’s 25/3 Mbps standard.

Establish universal broadband speed availability targets that are sustainable, cost-effective, and
rooted in accurate data to expand the availability of viable broadband offerings in rural areas.

Create a permanent broadband benefit for consumers who have low incomes by adopting a
modernized long-term, consumer-driven, federally funded, FCC-administered broadband benefit program.

Support local efforts to eliminate barriers to deployment, to promote competition, and facilitate
investment from private sector providers—saving taxpayer dollars in the process.

Past Work

Past Work on Increasing Broadband Access & Affordability

USTelecom, Ranching and Agriculture Industry Leaders to Congress: Finish Modernizing U.S. Broadband Maps

Image by Jorge Salvador

FCC announces 5G to boost rural communities and businesses

Young Farmer

Congress: Fund the Broadband DATA Act and Bring Rural Communities Into the 21st Century

How does it help farmers?
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